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Target: On Point as a Marketing King

Retailer Target understands it’s core demographic and designs slick campaigns targeting them. This article discusses how the recent Lilly Pulitzer brand debut is just the latest marketing win for the company. Without strong design, their marketing campaigns would not resonate so strongly.

5 Billion People To Use Mobile Phones by 2017

With the usage of mobile devices surging, it is more important than ever that websites be designed responsively. This article goes into depth about the future of the mobile web, as well as some key responsive web design principles.

Website Usability

It’s never too early in the design process to start testing the usability of a new website. This article lists some helpful tests to assure your design is on the right track from a user perspective.

Is Your Site Ready?

One more entry in our series on the upcoming deadline for Google mobile search results. This article addresses the requirements, and how to find out if your site is ready.

The Other Looming Deadline …

Of course you know all about April 15. But were you aware of the other big deadline coming up soon? Google has a “mobile-friendly” deadline for all websites coming April 21, which will affect listings on Google. This article goes into depth about the changes. Contact Bottle Rocket today to discuss updating your website to be mobile-friendly.