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Government websites will soon start looking better

New website design standards have been introduced by the U.S. government, to assist designers working on government sites. This is welcome news, as most government sites are inconsistent and outdated. Thankfully the Bottle Rocket team does not need to rely on pre-made templates. We create 100% custom art for our clients, tailor made to target their key demographics.

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Modern web design need not be boring

Much web design has become a predictable combination of hero shots, followed by blocks of text and calls to action. While this can be an effective format, our team strives to create original design that resonates with target demographics. This article summarizes some of the classic sites that pushed the boundaries, and makes a nostalgic call for more work done in that spirit.

The importance of true website design

Like so many things in life, if the cost of your website design seems too good to be true, it probably is. This article lists that issue, along with many others, that can indicate you’ll be getting sub-par design. Be sure to work with a true design firm that understands the importance of consistent branding and intuitive navigation. Feel free to review some of the strong web design work the Bottle Rocket team has created for our clients.

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The balance between trends and timeless design

Striking a balance between eternal design and current trends is on ongoing challenge for web designers. This article explores some popular trends, some of which are more relevant than others.

It’s all about the user experience

Branding, usability, functionality and content are the four pillars of a strong User Experience. This article helps analyze whether a website possesses a solid UX.

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