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The Evolution of Flat Design

Like many trends, web design techniques tend to go through cycles. This article details the evolution of what is now known as “flat design”. Three-dimensional representation was popular fairly recently, and people are rediscovering the virtues of incorporating some of that depth into flat looks.

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Color & Typography: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

Effective use of color and typography can make or break good design. That is especially true online, where it is easy to overwhelm the user with an array of colors and options. This article covers some pivotal topics in this area, including the psychology of color and sophisticated use of type and negative space.

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Responsive vs. Adaptive Design

We occasionally receive questions regarding the difference between responsive and adaptive design. There is a time and place for each, and the Bottle Rocket team employs both, depending on the needs of individual projects. This article goes into depth about the differences between the two.

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Simple & Intuitive Design: Always in Style

As graphic design trends come and go, there is one constant: Simplicity. This article gives some nice examples of how corporate logos have been on a trend of simplification and streamlining over the decades. Our personal favorite: The Batman logo.

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Workflow Studios site

The Bottle Rocket team recently had the pleasure of working with Workflow Studios to rebrand their corporate identity. Workflow provides IT and staffing solutions for a wide array of professional companies. They needed a site that felt solid and forward-looking, with intuitive navigation – which Bottle Rocket provided. Our team also did a custom photo shoot to help convey Workflow’s services, which featured their CEO Lance Spellman. See the new site here and be sure to note the Workflow logo, which was done by Bottle Rocket as well.

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Workflow Studios website