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Election Graphics Need Not Be Generic

It seems as if our country is perpetually in some sort of election or primary. That’s because it is. Nearly every week in the U.S.A. there is an election at some state or local level.

Why should people seeking office settle for boring, generic graphic identities? Bottle Rocket can help give your campaign a professional feel that is on-point and uniquely you.

Here is an example of rebranding that the Bottle Rocket team is working on for a Dallas-area candidate. This design will be expanded to include further print materials, website, and television media for the general election.


The Other Looming Deadline …

Of course you know all about April 15. But were you aware of the other big deadline coming up soon? Google has a “mobile-friendly” deadline for all websites coming April 21, which will affect listings on Google. This article goes into depth about the changes. Contact Bottle Rocket today to discuss updating your website to be mobile-friendly.

The importance of simplicity in logo design

Creating a memorable & successful logo design hinges primarily on one key element: Simplicity. This article, however, lists another 59 tips for developing strong logos.

The Importance of Visual Design

Good visual design can improve sales, increase signups and conversions, and encourage certain user behaviors. This entry lists five important rules for visual direction in interaction design.

Good Web Design & Consumer Behavior

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