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The Pitfalls of Spec Work

Occasionally we get a request for spec work. That is, to work up design for a client with no guarantee that your design will be chosen or paid for. This approach is clearly bad for designers for obvious reasons. Spec situations do not breed healthy professional relationships and they can be bad for clients as well. This article goes into depth about the pitfalls of spec work.

The Art of Good Logo Design

There are many elements of good logo design. Conversely, there are many common pitfalls. This articles examines some things to avoid when seeking a new logo design.

Logo Trends

Logo trends change as quickly as Texas weather. Some get tired quickly, some stick around for years. This article lists some of the highlights and lowlights of the past few years.

The Language of Iconography

Iconography has been a part of human communication since the origins of our existence. Today it is still an integral part of everyday life, from apps and websites to software. This article examines the meaning of icons and how they relate to modern design.

5 Billion People To Use Mobile Phones by 2017

With the usage of mobile devices surging, it is more important than ever that websites be designed responsively. This article goes into depth about the future of the mobile web, as well as some key responsive web design principles.