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Brad Oldham site launches

Bottle Rocket was pleased to be chosen by Brad Oldham Sculpture to design and develop their new website. They needed something that showcased their amazing commissioned work, while offering users an intuitive way to purchase some of their smaller jewelry-related items. The resulting website is elegant and user-friendly, while incorporating important elements like social media and video feeds. Please take a few minutes to view some of Brad Oldham Sculpture’s fine work.

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Brad Oldham Sculpture

The Velveteen Habit launches site by Bottle Rocket

The Velveteen Habit, a high-end farmhouse-themed restaurant in Cape Neddick, Maine, recently opened it’s doors and it’s website. The Bottle Rocket team was proud to help make their business a success. With a world-class logo and website designed and developed by Bottle Rocket, The Velveteen Habit has gotten off to a delicious start. Please visit their site here.

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The Velveteen Habit website

Mission Statement vs. Vision Statement

Organizations with well-honed and clearly-defined vision and mission statements outperform those that do not. This article helps explain the difference between the two, and gives some tips on what makes a strong mission and vision statement.

Important Design Elements: Colors & Typography

Effective use of color and type can help create a long-term bond with your audience. This article goes into detail about positive and negative uses of these important tools.

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The Evolution of Web Design

Graphic design for the web has gone through many changes over the past decade. Here is an informative summary of past innovations, along with a look at some recent styles & techniques.

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